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Lunar Eclipse Viewing Sites 2018 July 27   explain

Lunar Eclipse Watch 2018 is intended to help people watch the eclipse with others, in groups - because it's fun. And because it would be great to share telescopes for planet-viewing.

If you are organising a public eclipse-watching site, then please submit your site on the map above.

Star People with telescopes at the V&A Waterfront.

All you need is:

Soutpansberg Astronomy Club at Mall of the North, Polokwane.

Some typical questions at an eclipse-viewing site:

What's happening?

What's that bright thing near the Moon?

Can I take a photo?

How long will it last?

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just us in [Johannesburg / Dar es Salaam / whatever town you're in]?

Is it a total eclipse for everyone?

When's the next one?

Why doesn't it happen every month?

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